VideoComp – what is it?

VideoComp is a monthly competition of videos of football fans. The videos you make of your team’s fans singing compete monthly to be the best video of football fans in the world.

Uploading your videos you can win up to USD 300 per month. See current ladder.

How to upload videos?

1. Make a video of the fans of your football team that meet the following conditions:

If you promote your You Tube channel, the video intro should not be longer than 10 seconds. The logo, if you wish to include it, should not take more than 20% of the screen.

2. Upload your video on your YouTube channel

3. Register and publish your video on with a link to the video on You Tube and provide video details (such as, what team is singing, title of the song, etc)

How to compete for the monthly prize in VideoComp:

1. Tell your friends to vote your video.

2. If your video gets the most votes by the last day of the month that was published, it will be the winner of the month and we will contact you to give you the prize.

3. You need to reside in one of these participating countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, USA, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Korea, China or Australia.

VideoComp Conditions

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